Testing and quality control as a part of quality assurance

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Nowadays there are a lot of programs that are undoubtedly called to make our life more comfortable and simplify the solution of some problems, such as translators or navigators. Not so long ago virtual reality appeared on the world arena, a software product of a new generation that allows you to travel around the planet and beyond it, literally without leaving home. But “Software has bugs”. With each passing day the software product becomes more and more complex, various possibilities are added, an already written code is modified. And for the final product to be called qualitative it certainly needs to be tested. Testing allows you to find and repair defects, thereby reducing a level of risk and improving quality of a product. A user interface is also checked, where a user can make a mistake or misunderstand the output of the program, as well as the system's resistance to malicious actions. An add-on to the process of direct testing of an application that incorporates testing is ‘quality control’, a specialist's task here is to control a process of a system being developed to meet the requirements and control of execution of a test plan. The finite domain which includes quality control and testing is ‘quality assurance’. This area is responsible for the whole range of processes and activities for product testing, the strategy for which testing will be conducted is also defined there, ultimately determining how much the product can be called a quality one.

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