Selenium – comprehensive and useful tool for testing web-applications

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This article is intended for those who have already decided on automation of testing process and can imagine all accomplishments and incapacities of this decision. 2

So, Selenium is the most powerful free tool for automation of functional testing of web applications today. If to be more precise, Selenium is even not a tool, but a whole tool kit, each part of which provides its own functionality for automation. The choice of a concrete tool or several of them depends on needs of a tester and characteristics of a project which needs to be tested.

Selenium IDE. Is a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox which writes down and reproduces actions of a user in the browser. Pressing elements, opening of pages, filling of entry fields, etc. register IDE automatically. Checks are added to the scenario by means of the choice of available checks from a context menu on an element which needs to be checked. Selenium IDE doesn’t demand from a tester  profound knowledge of programming, in most cases it independently forms a code and can by the right be considered the simplest IDE tool. Selenium in use serves in the basic for fast creation of small cases or for performance of any routine actions.

Selenium WebDriver — a set of API libraries of functions for various programming languages (Java, C#, Python, Ruby) which allows to write the program for control of the browser in a chosen programming language.

Selenium RC is a predecessor of Selenium WebDriver. Today it is frozen and it isn’t recommended to use since it won’t be improved by the team of Selenium developers further.
Selenium Server. Selenium Server can be necessary for start of tests by remote softwares with various operating systems and installed browsers. Several Selenium servers can form Selenium Grid — network which distributes tests on several softwares (due to parallel performance).

At this phase of applications testing Selenium IDE is an auxiliary and necessary phase of testing of web applications, in particular carrying out Regression, Smoke, Minimal Acceptance tests, etc.

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