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REID Consulting will realize all your ideas

REID Consulting will realize all your ideas

Benefit from partnership with REID Consulting

REID Consulting is a trusted IT partner that handles all technical facets of business software creation

REID Consulting is a trusted IT partner that handles all technical facets of business software creation

Enjoy express delivery of a high-quality application

App delivery within time and budget

App delivery within time and budget

Your ideas realization.

We are here to help you! Free consultation from our experts. Dreams come true

We use high-end technologies.

Only talented managers, coders and designers . Most Importantly, we do create world tendencies .


Focused on the technical part of your ideas realization


Working hard on your users experience and design


We are glad to assist you even after projects delivery

REID Consulting

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Griffon Framework: Creating desktop application
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If you are familiar with Grails, Groovy and you have a need of a desktop application, the Griffon Framework is the best solution. Griffon Framework is based on the MVC pattern of desktop application development platform for the JVM. This … Read More

How To: Tagging image like Facebook photo tagging
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I am using external JS library “TAGGD” for tagging images. You can read more about the library using the following link https://timseverien.com/taggd/v3/. Create simple styles for tags and tags’ hover. In such a way, tag becomes transparent rectangle with borders, … Read More

How to upload image on Amazon with Grails RESTful API
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First, we need to add plugin dependency to your build.gradle: compile ‘org.grails.plugins:aws-sdk-s3:2.0.3’ ‘org.grails.plugins:aws-sdk-s3:2.0.3’ – this plugin adds support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), which provides developers and IT teams with secure, durable, highly-scalable cloud storage. Also we need … Read More

How To: Resize and Crop images in grails
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Hello everybody, today I want to describe how to crop/resize an images in Grails. There are 2 best ways how to do it: Using plugin burning-image(use JAI or ImageMagic) Using ImageMagick  1. Burning-image You can find this plugin here. That … Read More

Generate PDF from Swagger API documentation for grails app
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There are three steps to generate PDF from swagger documentation: 1. Rest-api -> swagger.json 2. Swagger.json -> Asciidoc: swagger2markup plugin 3. Asciidoc -> PDF: asciidoctor plugin After swagger.json is generated then Swagger2Markup comes into operation. Swagger2Markup converts a Swagger JSON … Read More

Building Cross-platform Desktop Apps with Electron
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In this article I’ll show you how to create your first desktop application using Electron Framework. A bit of theory. Initially, Electron was designed for Atom editor by GitHub, Inc., while now it is used by major companies such as … Read More