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REID Consulting will realize all your ideas

REID Consulting will realize all your ideas

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REID Consulting is a trusted IT partner that handles all technical facets of business software creation

REID Consulting is a trusted IT partner that handles all technical facets of business software creation

Enjoy express delivery of a high-quality application

App delivery within time and budget

App delivery within time and budget

Your ideas realization.

We are here to help you! Free consultation from our experts. Dreams come true

We use high-end technologies.

Only talented managers, coders and designers . Most Importantly, we do create world tendencies .


Focused on the technical part of your ideas realization


Working hard on your users experience and design


We are glad to assist you even after projects delivery

REID Consulting

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Grails Integration Mixpanel for track user activity
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I have integrated mixpanel in two of my projects in grails so I wanted to share some thoughts on how Mixpanel might be integrated with grails. First of all What is it Mixpanel?! Mixpanel is a business analytics service and company, that … Read More

BigDecimal and Groovy
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Note that make me more crazy: assert 634.78 == new BigDecimal(634.785).setScale(2, RoundingMode.HALF_UP) assert 634.79 == new BigDecimal(“${634.785}”).setScale(2, RoundingMode.HALF_UP) Why these things can’t be just strict?

How to handle updating domain by few lines of code
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We will be use audit­log grails plugin, that based on Hibernate inteceptor. The lastest version is org.grails.plugins:audit­logging:1.1.0 So I’ll use it. The pretty thing that we can start using it in 2 easy steps: Added plugin to buildConfig Choose the … Read More

HowTo: Spring webflow in grails
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Problem: Need to implement into grails project spring web flow Solution: I created an easy grails project. You can download it from github. I’m working with grails 2.3.11, so I choose older webflow plugin: compile ‘:webflow:’ After it you can … Read More

Resize (extend) disk on Linux (Rackspace)
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Problem At some point I have to clone Volume on Rackspace with bigger size. Need to resize disk now carefully to not lost old data and encrease partition. Solution Disk is used by MongoDB, so appropriate commands also exist service … Read More

Sending emails through MailChimp in Grails
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Problem Need to send Newsletters to users with latest info about service. Solution Comparing SendGrid and Mailchimp as two most popular platforms to send emails, we choose Mailchimp as it is used especially for newsletters sending – not just mass … Read More