Do you have a profitable idea with no notion of how to make it reality? We can help!

Converting your good idea into great software is our expertise. REID Consulting is a full-service software application development team that takes full responsibility for all technical aspects of launching a software-based business. Whether you’ve got a whole host of plans or are the author of one brilliant design, reach out to us for more information so we can sign the non-disclosure agreement and begin bringing your ideas to life.

Benefit from a secure partnership with the experts of REID Consulting.

REID Consulting is a trusted IT partner that handles all technical facets of business software creation, eliminating the need to hire new IT personnel or purchase technical equipment to realize a new venture. As an outsourced company, we offer a lower fixed cost through a flexible time and materials contract, and your investors will feel secure in knowing that you can end your contract at any time. Book us for a small-scale preliminary project, available for a fixed price, and you’ll get a first-hand demo of our outstanding range of offerings.

A partnership with REID Consulting is an opportunity to work with industry-best software consultants while maintaining flexibility. We dive deep into our customers’ business model to discover a better means for meeting our clients’ needs. Our service is full maintenance of IT responsibility, allowing you to remain focused on the quality and promotional aspects of your new business endeavor.

Enjoy express delivery of a high-quality application.

When working with investors, it’s never too early to have your application complete. REID Consulting's bright and enthusiastic programmers use advanced technologies and agile software development methodologies to establish your project infrastructure in a timely fashion. Our full range of services includes a wide array of application development strategies, including the establishment of the PROD environment on a custom, built-from-scratch dedicated server or hosted through cloud platform options such as AWS or Azure.

It is our aim to develop your application to exceed your expectations and our promise to deliver much faster than other development alternatives. Realize ideas. With us.